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Capitol City Flyers is organized as a not-for-profit corporation. Member pilots own equity shares of the corporation. Currently shares are limited to 30 pilots. Each member pilot pays monthly dues towards corporate fixed expenses and hourly usage fees for aircraft time used. Monthly dues range from $220 to $170 per month, depending on if you earn the $50 flying credit for flying at least an hour during the month.

Prospective shareholders must be certificated private pilots or advanced primary students (solo, with more than 25 hours in the last 6 months). Additional insurance, currency and financial requirements must be met. There are also security requirements to operate out of Dane County Regional Airport. New pilots to MSN must take a security seminar and obtain an access badge.

Since the number of shareholders is limited, a prospective shareholder must purchase a share of the corporation from an existing owner that desires to sell his/her share or directly from the corporation, when there are less than 30 current shareholders. Shares trade at prices agreed between the seller and buyer. The corporation enjoys a strong asset position due to its long and stable history.

Contact us if you are interested in sharing the pride, benefits and expense of aircraft ownership with 30 like-minded pilot owners.

CCF has introduced a Social Membership level. Be a member of the club, participate in all social activities, join on flying events when space is available. Social Members are not permitted to fly the corporation's aircraft or act as PIC. This is a great way to get to know the club before you buy in, as well as meet members who may be selling their shares.

Membership Application:


What is a flying club?

A flying club is an organization that allows its members to pursue flying activities, usually by providing access to aircraft (more details) on an operational basis. Flying clubs come in many different types and sizes. Some even think a few pilots sharing a plane and expenses is a flying club, but in general that is considered a partnership. Flying clubs are generally larger than a few pilots and one plane, usually dozens of pilots and a few planes (like CCF), sometimes hundreds of pilots and dozens of planes. Some flying clubs are non-equity based (you don’t own the planes) and some are equity based (you owe a share in the planes). Capitol City Flyers, Inc. is an equity club and each member owns an equal share of the Club.

How does CCF differ from renting directly from a FBO?

There are 2 main differences; 1) You own the planes (you care and have a say in what happens to them). Our planes are better equipped and maintained. 2) The fee structure. CCF charges monthly dues to cover fixed expenses, the FBO has their cost baked into the hourly rate. CCF charges hourly rates based on Tach time, the FBO charges based on Hobbs time. On average, one Hobbs hour equates to 0.85 Tach hour (you fly an hour by your watch, you get billed 0.85 based on the Tach). CCF doesn’t charge sales tax. Both CCF and the FBO vary the hourly rates by the cost of 100LL, but CCF gives credit back if you fill up with cheaper fuel than the current surcharge level.

How do I join CCF?

You must purchase an outstanding share from the club or from a current member. A membership application must be submitted to the club and approved by the President. Capitol City Flyers is currently capped at 30 members. Capitol City Flyers does offer a social membership option. Social members can join Club social activities, fly-outs (as passenger), keep-up on Club news and join general hangar talk. Social members cannot act as PIC in Club aircraft. Contact the Club at if you are interested in a social membership.

Are there any shares available? At what price?

We typically have 3-6 membership changes per year. Contact us for current information. Purchase of shares in Capitol City Flyers is a private transaction between the buyer and seller. The Club is not a party in price negotiations. There is a $50 stock transfer fee, payable to the club, at time of transfer.

Shares for sale:

How long does it take to become a member?

It takes on average 3-5 days to process and approve a new member application. The more information you provide to us, the shorter the time frame.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to become a member?

Yes, to become a member you must hold at least a Private Pilot certificate or be a Student Pilot with at least 25 hours total time in the proceeding 6 months prior to joining. Since implementing this rule, we have had several members join and complete their Private Pilot training and go on to more ratings.

Are there any restrictions or limitations after becoming a member?

All members must follow the Club's Standard Operating Procedures. These rules govern membership requirements, eligibility to fly Club aircraft, flight operations and limitations, reservations, member responsibilities, dues, bill payments, violations, flights out of the USA, smoking and minimum requirements to fly aircraft.


How are the planes scheduled/reserved?

The club uses the scheduling website service Each member is given a unique access id and password. Access to reserve particular planes is based on documented CFI endorsement or at the beginning of training towards checkout.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to scheduling planes?

Yes, Student Pilots cannot schedule the Skylane or the Diamond. The maximum number of active reservations a member can have at any given time is six (6), sometimes increased to ten (10) during times of concentrated training. The maximum number of days in advance for a reservation is 180 days. Both maximums can be overridden by a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) for a significant reason. There is also a requirement of notice to the Maintenance Officer when reserving an aircraft more than 5 days (This is to make sure the plane will be completely up to date on maintenance such as oil change or GPS updates). There is a requirement when planning a trip outside the USA, to coordinate with the Board of Directors (insurance and any country-specific requirements).


What are the dues and what does that cover?

Monthly dues are $220 per month. Dues cover the fixed costs of the Club, including aircraft expenses "before the propeller turns". Each member can earn a "flying credit" of $50 towards their monthly dues if they fly at least once in a given month. Expenses paid by dues includes;

How are the dues and flight time charges collected?

Each month, the Treasurer collects all Flight Tickets, calculates hourly totals by pilot and aircraft, determines monthly dues, flying credits and applicable fees. They then apply any fuel purchase credits or unpaid balance from the previous month and determines each member’s new account balance. The billing statement is sent out via email at the beginning of the month and posted on the club’s DropBox account. The balance is due in the Club's PO Box by the end of the that month. The Club does not accept credit card payments.